Episode 113 - Teaching Pseudoscience in the Classroom

For the final episode of season seven, co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler invite Rodney Schmalz and Steven Lilienfeld to Lab Out Loud.  Schmalz and Lilienfeld recently published an article discussing the use of pseudoscience in the science classroom to help give students the tools needed to differentiate between scientific and pseudo-scientific or paranormal claims.  Listen to the episode to learn how you might use pseudoscience appropriately in your science instruction.

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This week co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler welcome journalist Amy Harmon to Lab Out Loud.  Harmon recently wrote an article for the NY Times in which she examined a county council in Hawaii that wanted to ban genetically modified organisms.  Listen to the show as Harmon unravels the intersection of politics and science in this heated debate, and you will discover many resources that you can bring back into your classroom to discuss genetically modified organisms.

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This week Lab Out Loud welcomes Neil Shubin to the show.  As paleontologist and anatomy professor at the University of Chicago, Shubin has had some fantastic opportunities to hunt for fossils and use them to communicate stories of our own evolution.  In 2008, he wrote these stories into Your Inner Fish – a national bestselling book that has now been adapted into a three-part series on PBS.  With contagious enthusiasm, Shubin talks to co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler about his experiences as a scientist, teacher, and in communicating science.

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Elementary science has been on the minds lately of Lab Out Loud's co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler.  So it is fitting that their guest this week has been working hard helping elementary teachers tackle the Next Generation Science Standards.  As Coordinator for Elementary Science in Baltimore County Schools, Eric Cromwell has the task of moving a large number of schools and teachers into an NGSS based curriculum.  Listen to the show to hear of Eric's experience in this transition as Lab Out Loud discusses how elementary schools can embrace the NGSS.

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Join Lab Out Loud this week as hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler talk to Illah Nourbakhsh, author of Robot Futures.  As Professor of Robotics at The Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, Illah has been building and thinking about robotics for most of his life.  Illah joins Lab Out Loud to talk about his book, our potential future with robots and how students should be inspired to learn with purpose.

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Co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler invite Karen Worth to the show to discuss NSTA's recent adoption of a position statement in Early Childhood Science Education.  In addition to helping write the position statement, Worth serves as faculty member at Wheelock College where she teaches courses in elementary education and science education to pre-service and in-service teachers.  Listen to Lab Out Loud to learn about the what the position statement says about young children and science learning, and why this is a unique and progressive statement.

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Join co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler and they talk about Snowy Owls with Ryan Brady. As research scientist with the Wisconsin DNR, Ryan serves as the Wisconsin Bird Conservation Initiative Bird Monitoring Coordinator.  Listen to Lab Out Loud as Ryan talks about this winter's snowy owl irruption, how to connect with other birders, and how you might be able to find snowy owls in your own region.

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This week we welcome Fred Ende back to the show. Fred recently had an article published in the Science Scope (January 2014) discussing the use of stories in assessments.  Fred talks to us about his experience with story assessments, his student results and how you can create your own story assessments.

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As the nation thaws out from record lows, co-hosts Brian Bartel and Dale Basler thought it would be a good time to chat with meteorologist Jeff Last about our cold weather.  Jeff is a Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Green Bay, WI. Listen to Lab Out Loud as Jeff explains the Polar Vortex, and discusses our cold weather and atmospheric phenomena that can be observed at these low temperatures.

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As professor of physics at Georgia Tech, Schatz has been running a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) for introductory physics with laboratory.  Schatz talks to Lab Out Loud about his experience with the class, how the online lab requirements work, and his plans to expand it.

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